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Do you nowadays book an Uber instead of a normal taxi when you need a lift? If so, you should definitely consider this decision. There are many benefits of taking a regular taxi that you don't get with Uber. This article lists a number of reasons to choose a taxi over an Uber.

Difference between a regular taxi and Uber

Uber is a 'taxi service' that you can easily book with a phone. Uber offers many levels of services, prices and cars and operates in Amsterdam. Although Uber is roughly considered a taxi service, it is different from a regular taxi. The main difference between Uber and Taxi is that Uber works on a smartphone app while taxis work in a traditional way.

4 reasons why you should choose a regular taxi instead of Uber.

Reason 1: Taxi drivers pick you up as quickly as Uber drivers

Uber likes to brag about how quickly they are able to provide people with drivers. But what they don't tell you is that most taxi companies these days are just as fast. Taxi companies have introduced efficient systems that allow them to dispatch a taxi to your destination in no time.

Reason 2:  Taxis are (almost) always immediately accessible

With Uber you can indeed look at the map and see how far they are. But if you need a taxi, you can book it in advance. The driver will then arrive at the location exactly on time. Plus, if you need to go somewhere urgently, you can just walk down the street and get a ride. So you don't have to wait for the Uber to arrive at your address.

Reason 3: Taxis cost about the same as Uber

There is a thought that taxis are a lot more expensive than Ubers. But that doesn't have to be the case. Although some taxi companies charge more than a typical Uber service, many taxi companies work hard to keep their prices low. They offer their customers affordable rides to get around. Regardless of whether they have to travel just a few blocks or all the way to an airport.

Reason 4: taxi drivers are checked more thoroughly than Uber drivers

A good taxi company doesn't just take any driver to work for them. They check every person who applies to ensure they are suitable for the driver position. They carry out thorough checks on them and, if necessary, reject people with a lesser past. This gives you more peace of mind that you would not have as quickly with an Uber service.

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