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Taxi with old and new

How do you ring the new year in the year 2021? Now that everything is different, Amsterdam Taxi Centrale is always ready for you. If you would like to give a New Year’s greeting to family or friends, it would be wise to travel by taxi. This way you avoid contact with others as much as possible, such as with public transport. Amsterdam Taxi Centrale ensures that you are transported from door to door by one of our drivers. Everything goes according to the corona measures, for example, all cars have a corona screen and the drivers all wear a face mask. Book online or call directly +31685672263

Taxi old and new Amsterdam

Also around the turn of the year you can count on Amsterdam Taxi Centrale if you need transport in, from or to Amsterdam. Because we keep driving when public transport stops! So you can book your taxi for old and new with us by phone or order online. And you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve with that. In fact, the earlier you book, the better we can plan your transport.

With New Year’s Eve we use the legal meter rate, since time immemorial there has been a lot of demand for taxis during New Year’s Eve. Normally our online bookings are cheaper, but at the turn of the year we use the legal meter prices. For example, your taxi may be cheaper on a normal day than if you book a taxi during the turn of the year. This way we ensure that we can guarantee a taxi to everyone!

A fixed price in advance with an online booking

When you book a taxi online, you always get a fixed price in advance. Enter it order form from where to where you want to travel and when. The rate that you see after filling in is the price that applies at that moment and therefore what you pay! You can also order a joint taxi with your friends, click here For more information.

On behalf of Amsterdam Taxi Centrale we wish everyone a Happy New Year !!