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Cheap taxi in Amsterdam with a fixed price

You can order a cheap taxi in Amsterdam 24/7. In the morning or in the evening when public transport is no longer running. You can of course stop a taxi on the street, but then you usually pay a lot more than if you ordered online from us.

You can order your taxi online whether it is in Amsterdam or book a taxi to and from Schiphol.

Especially for passengers to and from Schiphol, we have made a list of things that you should take into account. So you have a safe journey and a pleasant taxi ride. More info: Click here

We have many vehicle types, so everything is possible how many people and for the amount of luggage you can look for a taxi bus. If you are unsure whether it fits in the taxi, contact us and get a cheap taxi in Amsterdam now ..

Are you traveling with a group? Then look for the opportunities for a minibus taxi in Amsterdam.

Cheap taxi in Amsterdam
Accuracy and reliability is how we describe our transport to anywhere from Amsterdam. This way we always ensure that you are always on time and that you never miss your flight.

You can also pay with us in cash, pin or credit card. Take a look at the website we use the cheapest and fixed prices. Order online!

The Amsterdam taxi exchange is on average 25% cheaper when it comes to a trip to Amsterdam Schiphol compared to other taxi companies in Amsterdam.. Taxi to Schiphol!

We are known for our reliable service. You can trust our drivers to be on time and get you to your destination safely.

Your safety is our top priority. Our drivers are trained and our vehicles are checked regularly to ensure a safe trip.

We are available 24/7, so you can order a cab at any time of the day or night, even for unexpected needs.

We offer a wide range of vehicles, from standard cabs to luxury options, so you can choose based on your needs and preferences.

Our online booking options make it easy to book a cab, and you can also contact us by phone.

How can you order?

If you are considering booking a taxi in Amsterdam, you can use our booking form or contact us by phone. You also have the advantage of being able to decide which payment method is most suitable for you: cash when the driver enters, or with a debit card.

Calculate and Order online!

For urgent bookings, contact us for other exclusive services at low prices and any other questions call now and enjoy your ride quickly.

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