Transportation to Schiphol

Are you going on a flying holiday, family visit or business trip soon? Or a family member who asks you again for a trip to Schiphol?

Schiphol is easily accessible with your own means of transport. However, the costs are sometimes very high, for example, you pay at least € 35 per day for a day of parking at Schiphol. Traveling by public transport is also not always pleasant, for example at night when the trains and public transport are no longer running. Amsterdam Taxi Centrale is always available 24/7 with their Schiphol transport, with their fixed low prices you always know where you stand.

Amsterdam Taxi Centrale ensures that you can get off the door, close to the departure halls.

Taxi transport to Schiphol

Amsterdam Taxi Centrale has been providing various taxi transport for a number of years, both in the heart of Amsterdam and to Schiphol. From all over the country you travel with Amsterdam Taxi Centrale, such as Amstelveen, Oostzaan, and Landsmeer, Ijburgor if you travel with more than 4 people, order a taxi bus . vWith Amsterdam Taxi Centrale you travel cheaply to Schiphol, calculate the costs for your taxi easily with the order moduleand we ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Cheap Schiphol taxi

If you order a taxi from Amsterdam Taxi Centrale, you will always receive a fixed low price. This way you know exactly where you stand when booking a taxi. We have fixed low prices that are on average 25% lower than the average price of the other taxi companies. Calculatethe price now and let yourself be surprised and experience our service.

When you order the taxi from Amsterdam Taxi Centrale, you know exactly what you have to pay in advance. No other costs or surcharges are added:

– Nobaggage surcharge

– No Schiphol surcharge

– No surcharge afterwards

– Nounexpected surprises

Book online now and see you soon!

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