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Traveling by taxi or public transport in corona time

The corona measures mean different times for traveling by taxi, car, and public transport? Below you will find a number of measures. For every travel movement, it still applies, travel as little as possible.

Traveling by public transport is strongly discouraged during Corona time and should really be used if necessary. With the taxi from Amsterdam taxi central travel in corona, time has its advantages. This way you do not have to share a taxi with other travelers, such as in public transport. The drivers in the Amsterdam Central Station clean the car after every trip. For example, the seats, handles and seat belts are completely disinfected after every ride.

Taxi in corona time and the rules!

Since 1 June 2020, you are obliged to wear a mouth mask when you travel by public transport. This measure continues to apply to everyone who is 13 years of age or older. The rules apply to tram, bus and train and from December 1 it is also mandatory to wear a face mask. At Amsterdam Taxi Central, all drivers use face masks and we have a corona screen in every car. This ensures that there is no direct contact between the passengers and the drivers. The driver uses a new or washed face mask on every journey. We also always recommend that passengers wear a face mask. You have to arrange the mouth mask yourself.

If you have specific requirements or questions, it is always better to reservea spot in advance. A health check will take place in advance to make traveling as safe as possible. So don’t travel with complaints related to corona. Visit the RIVMwebsite for more information.

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